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Derma & Aesthetica

We offer high-quality services with the latest advanced technologies in all non-invasive dermatology services under one roof.
 Our internationally recognized dermatologists are amongst the most experienced within the field.

Plastic Surgery

The Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Department provides a wide range of aesthetic and reconstructive treatments.


Customized nutrition and lifestyle care plans for pre-diabetes diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, heart disease and many other conditions.


Laser services can make that subtle difference that will help you feel more attractive. Performed by our highly qualified and trained nurses we help you to be more confident and healthy.


diagnostic, preventive, or corrective procedure furnished by a dentist


Most frequent questions and answers

In the first visit to the center, the patient must enter a laser consultation because the doctor must determine the appropriate device for the patient by knowing the type of skin and hair.

Laser hair removal makes the period of hair appearing longer than usual, and that depends on the number of sessions of the patient and his commitment to the sessions.

We cannot say that there is a better device than another, for this reason there is a consultation before the laser to find out the appropriate device for the patient’s hair, so the preference of the device depends on the patient and the results of the sessions. But we can say that there are newer devices and developed devices.

Lips rejuvenation service with sessions determined by the doctor, the lips return to their natural color if there are pigmentations due to smoking or using poor cosmetics, and if the patient had a brown lip color since birth, it will not become pink 🙂

The doctor recommends cleaning the skin once a month, as cleansing the skin removes impurities and dead skin that does not remove the lotion that causes skin problems, including pimples, and with serums and fruit acids present in it, it gives luster and glasses and restores the vitality of the skin.

For any service in the center, the number of sessions is determined by the doctor, but for therapeutic services, the patient will need more than one session.

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