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About Our Practice

Smart Care Medical Center SCMC is a private venture that is rich in community spirit. Passionate about patients care and committed to growth and development, our multi service medical center is conveniently located in the heart of the capital Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, specifically in Zinj area, a well-known location that is highly visible from the main highway 35 and is easily accessible. We are serving patients from all around the country and the nearby region. The Clinic is well equipped with the latest equipment used for providing the laser dermatology, dental, Plastic surgery and nutrition services.

SCMC primary customer base is highly influenced by first class facilities, care, and experienced doctors. Prices of services are measured and decided based on competitor analysis, market research and the supply and demand chain within the industry. This provides the clinic with a strong competitive edge and has enabled it to move up into the market space in less than a year.

Our patients are an integral part of the SCMC family, and our highly qualified team of consultants, specialists, general practitioners and nurses are on hand to provide you with the highest quality treatment using the latest technologies and field expertise

Our mission is to be a provider of extraordinary, high-quality patient-focused health care that is readily accessible in additional to being cost effective. Meeting the needs of the community we serve, pleasing them by improving the environment of the healthcare center and instrumental machinery. To be efficient is our main mission. SCMC also hopes to achieve a calm environment within the center for the patient’s peace of mind during treatment. ​

Our vision is to be the hospital of choice for patients, physicians and employees. To be prominently involved in the local community: to be known for achieving the highest standard of health care which fulfills the community needs and beyond. It is also our vision to lead a high quality, compassionate patient-centered care which seeks physical cures as well as comforts and peace of mind. And most importantly, is to set the standard in the new century for health, healing and comfort.

Our Goals


Quality assurance is maintained by frequent training programs as well as patient feedback after their visits, and improvement is continuous.​


All staff members are obligated to respect the patients’ rights, and are responsible for protecting them without any exception. We ensure all our patients’ privacy and confidentiality are securely protected.


SCMC ensures that all our treatments are within the average price range if not less to suit all of our patients. In addition to that, range we do have seasonal offers and packages. Affordable treatments are always better financially wise for the patients.​

About Smart Care Medical Center

The center had officially opened to welcome patients on the 1st of May 2019 Being one of the emerging employers in the area, and it is well recognized as high quality service provider within an affordable price range of treatments to achieve patient satisfaction, providing a multi-specialty outpatient service in dermatology, non-surgical laser treatments, plastic surgery, dental and nutrition. The center has gained more than 19,000 patients in only 3 years, such a large number of patients are only achieved by excellence.  Staff at SCMC provides patients with a diverse range of general, nutrition, dentistry, dermatology and aesthetic services. Our Dermatology department has been well recognized as a leader in quality, serving over 10,000 loyal clients. In additional to dermatology & plastic surgery, our dental and nutrition departments are booming. All departments focus aggressively on infection control precautions as well as highly educational ones, too.  This leads to us providing high quality assurance. Information technology is starting to lead its way into SCMC in order to establish a computerized medical record system, which will improve record privacy and patient confidentiality. The center is looking forward to expand in the near future, which would extend its reach to more patients around the country and the region. We are looking forward into expansion of the center by opening other branches in very soon. By providing more services the patient flow is expected to increase.


Simply because everything a patient would need is and will be available within our center. We have got the latest machinery and instruments in the field of aesthetics, dermatology, body shaping, and dentistry.

  • The management ensures that only high educated and well trained staff is being recruited in the center, whether they are specialists, receptionists, and/or visiting Doctors.
  • In a community that is faithful to our tradition, we present the premier standard of care and treatment in an expert and compassionate manner to every person who avails of our services.
  • Needn’t we add how infection control is being dealt with carefully, we have a strong team within quality assurance that has been taught how to sterile objects and where to get rid of contaminated sharp objects.
  • Patients must not fear infections when visiting our center.
  • Patient’s confidentiality is protected.
  • We have codes in case of an emergency, on which our nurses and doctors have been precisely trained. Such an incident occurs of an extremity of fire; our staff will ensure the safety of patients and visitors first.
  • Treatments are patient-centered, and our patient’s are always receiving relevant knowledge from their doctors to be able to take an informed decision regarding both at clinic and at home care.

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