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YOUR SMILE IS OUR PASSION. At SCMC we are a specialized clinic in orthodontics, cosmetics and preventive dentistry.
We offer high-quality services with the latest advanced technologies in all dental and cosmetics services under one roof. You will have a unique experience during your treatment period because we are the leaders in healthcare with a comfortable environment and supporting integrated care, we aim to build bridges of trust with our patients through education and high quality services.

Teeth Whitening

Laser treatments

Composite Filling

Smile Design

Removable Prosthesis


This means that you should visit one of our highly experienced dentists twice a year for a dental check up for early detection of cavities, gum diseases and general oral screening.


Even brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day will not remove plaque in hard to reach areas such as between your teeth and gums. As a result, cavities and gum disease may occur.


Root canal therapy is the most conservative procedure that treats pulpitis and teeth infections. It saves the viable portions of your tooth, enabling you to avoid more invasive and costly dental procedures.


Our highly qualified orthodontists use the latest technologies in providing orthodontics treatments, to prevent and correct any abnormalities or irregularities in the position of teeth and jaws of all ages.


A beautiful symmetrical smile can have numerous effect on an individual's self confidence. Our team provides a full " smile makeover" to improve the aesthetic of your smile.
* In-Clinic Zoom teeth whitening
* Home Teeth whitening
* Cosmetic laser treatments
* Gingivectomy & Gum Depigmentation
* Cosmetic Composite fillings
* Dental porcelain and zirconia crowns
* Ceramic veneers or hollywood smile
* Removable full and partial dentures

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